Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Trip to Grand Rapids for a Healthy New Year

Yesterday the kids and I all loaded into the van for a trip to Grand Rapids. We went to see Dr. Stacey which isn't her official name but good enough for the blog. This is the doctor who has been so helpful with Jetter and Little Guy. This was Night Owl's and Social Butterfly's first visit. For the new year we have some new guidelines for healthy eating around here. It will be a challenge, but as Jetter, Builder and Little Guy have shown, I think it will be beneficial.

Night Owl had a few more tests done than the others. This is because he is almost an adult and because of his interest in sports nutrition. One of the tests run was the BMI which showed his overall body fat vs. muscle. He's healthy but could increase his muscle and decrease his fat a little. I really mean it when I say "a little". He doesn't have much fat at all (lucky guy). The doctor did say he should go gluten and dairy free for a while. This was very difficult news to the boy whose favorite foods are pizza and fettucine alfredo. She said it wouldn't have to be forever though. He just needs to clean out his system a bit. She also told him that it would help him gain the muscle mass he needs for football. Like "Little Guy", cutting out the foods that his body is not digesting properly will help him gain good, healthy weight. I think it helps Night Owl to see how it has worked for Little Guy. Dr. Stacey also stressed that he should really be eating something healthy for breakfast and recommended the high protein smoothie that the younger boys drink.

Social Butterfly is generally healthy, but the doctor gave her a homeopathic supplement which should help her leg pain. The doctor said her body doesn't "metholate" efficiently which could be the cause of the cracks in her tongue as well as the leg pain. I don't know what metholate means, but if this helps that will be a good thing. Social Butterfly has put up with these leg aches for quite some time. Dr. Stacey also recommended fish oil which Social Butterfly has a really hard time taking. I think we'll try the capsules. Finally, Social Butterfly needs to cut out dairy but the gluten is okay.

For the three younger boys we just need to keep on with what we are already doing which is fish oil, bifodulpholus, and zinc along with the high protein smoothie. (Little Guy's is a different formulation since he's still a baby, but they are all rice based so they fit with the no gluten, no dairy rule.He also has extra Vitamin D added to help build up his immune system.) The doctor was a little disappointed to see the dark circles, ear wax build up, puffy glands and obvious hyper activity level in Jetter and Builder. I confessed that they have been eating a lot of junk food since Thanksgiving. Dairy, gluten, high fructose corn syrup and food colorings have abounded in these wonderful holiday treats we've had. Of course that's common but we really need to get back on the program. It was really helpful for all the younger boys when we followed it strictly. Now that Night Owl will be joining them for the no dairy no gluten aspect of the diet I think it will be easier. AS a matter of fact, I told Dad that I think we should all follow it for the sake of simplicity. I just have to figure out how to make it more financially manageable. The food is quite expensive and these boys are big eaters!

Speaking of which, it's time to sign off because I have some lunch-hungry kiddos!

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