Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corrections and additions!

I should proof read my posts more carefully! A few things came to mind as I read the post about Jetter's day:
  • The pictures are tiny! I need to find out how to post pictures better.
  • I talked about how manipulatives are a distraction to Jetter for Math, then went right into how I like the writing program because of the manipulatives. Let me clarify... The manipulatives for handwriting are much more teacher controlled. When Jetter uses the wooden pieces to form the letters he is only given the pieces he will need. I'm sure if I gave him the whole set they would become guns or bow and arrow sets, or swords. We also move pretty quickly so I don't allow alot of time for him to play.
  • I talked about the little smiley face at the top left corner of the small slate. I took a picture of it upside down so in the picture, the smiley face is at the bottom!
  • Finally, I completely left out two subjects, geography and history. For geography, Jetter is memorizing the states and capitols. We are also doing a tour of other countries which is actually part of his math program. Each lesson features a different country. We look up the country in our atlas and read about it. Then we find it on our world map. Finally, some of his math word problems are directly related to facts about the country.
  • History involves reading about famous Americans. We recently finished Davey Crockett which led to a mini lesson on the Alamo. Next up for history reading is Daniel Boone. Yes, they are out of order historically, but we put each person's picture on our timeline in the classroom (I'll include a picture in a future post) so Jetter understands the order.

Today is Saturday and it's snowing again (surprise, surprise)! I need to get to the grocery, work on lessons for next week, and try to chip away at a few of the items on my "TO DO" list (which never seems to get any shorter!). Have a great weekend!

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