Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Beautiful Focus For the Year!

I often read what Cay has to say at her blog and I absolutely love
this quote by Mother Teresa at her Children's Home in Calcutta!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just one of the benefits of homeschooling ~

So, what do you do when the math is done, it's 10:00 AM, the sun is shining and the thermometer tells you the temperature is 75 degrees?

Head out for a nature hike of course!  What a beautiful way to celebrate the feast day of St. Matthew!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What we're up to

I just thought I'd post some pictures of the various activities everyone is up to around here.  As usual, it's been a busy first month of school!  That first picture is actually a family picture that turned out!  It was taken at my husband's "company picnic" where his boss likes to try out his photography hobby. I'd say he did a good job!

Night Owl started back the day after Labor Day.  It's nice that he can drive to school this year!  Mornings are much more peaceful around here. 

Of course, this time of year also means football for him.  He's already played 3 games and so far he's doing great. 

Social Butterfly is really enjoying her weekly science day with her friend! 

The other school work seems to be just something she wants to get done each day, although she does enjoy the history reading.

She's started back to her piano lessons and has made lots of new friends at the park since we are there 3 afternoons a week while Jetter has football practice.
Then there is the Cider Stand.  As the summer weather is slowly turning cooler, "The Pink Lemon", Social Butterfly's lemonade stand, has closed.  But now she has "Social B's Cider Stand" which features apple cider - warm or cold, and donuts on occasion.  She's definitely our business kid.

Jetter is quite enthused about his study of the solar system this year.  Here he is working on a mobile that we'll hang in his bedroom when he's completed it. 

He's also really enjoying football this year!  His coach is doing an excellent job of teaching these kids and keeping them all in line!  Notice he shares a number with his big brother!  He finds that to be quite an honor!

Builder is enjoying our afternoons at the park, making lots of new friends like Social Butterfly.  He seems to be enjoying his school work, once he sits down and gets busy!  Learning to read is the goal for Builder this year and I think he'll do just fine!

Beany's favorite past-time lately is sitting on my lap and waiting for the baby to kick.  He thinks that's a riot! 

As he matures, he and Builder are able to play more and more and they are forging a great relationship. 

Beany also enjoys going to the park and gets quite upset on the days we don't go. 

The new baby is growing and growing as is seen by the fact that I am growing and growing.  He (or she) is quite active which is reassurance to me on a regular basis.  I'll find out when the official date for the c-section is at my next appointment.  A name for the new baby is the hot topic of discussion at our dinner table lately!