Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Schedule

Our schedule is a "thing of beauty" this year. That probably sounds odd, but in previous years I've had to adjust the schedule several times throughout the year to accomodate different things. This year we've mostly been able to follow the same routine and will continue to do so until June. Since I'm a "ducks in a row" sort of person, that's very comforting to me! (The picture above is the family of geese that live nearby. No, they're not ducks, but they do travel in a row!) The only day that is different is Monday. At 1:30 the kids all go to Social Butterfly's piano lesson then straight to gymnastics. Every other extra curricular activity, like Social Butterfly's art class or soccer, has been at 4:00 or later, so it doesn't upset the day's schedule too much.
So here's the schedule:

  • 7:00 - Prayer with Dad and Night Owl before they leave for work / school.

  • Time to get dressed, eat breakfast, make beds, etc.

  • 8:30 - Morning Meeting - the kids and I have a short meeting where we discuss any special things going on that day. If kids weren't up in time to pray with Dad and Night Owl, we have prayer at this time. I also read to them from the Bible or a story about a saint. Sometimes I add a picture book if we have time.

  • 9:00 - We head down to the classroom. Jetter and Social Butterfly get started on their Math. They are both mostly independent, although I sometimes need to explain the day's lesson.

  • While the older two work on Math, I work with Builder. We do Math, Phonics and some religion. Much of Builder's work is "Montessori inspired". Since he is in preschool, this works great for him. He usually continues his Montessori work after he and I work together for a short time.

  • 9:30 (ish) - When Builder and I are done, he has time to work quietly on something he chooses off the shelf and I move on to Jetter. Social Butterfly continues to work on her list of independent work, asking occasional questions if necessary.

  • I finish with Jetter and he chooses to stay in the classroom and work on something "off the shelf" or he and Builder can have recess in the playroom.

  • 10:30 (ish) - Finally, Social Butterfly and I have our time.

  • 12:30 - By the time I've cycled through the kids, it's time for lunch. We all come back up stairs and have a lunch / recess break.

  • 1:30 - Chore time. Everyone does their chores quickly in anticipation of the three "ee's"!

  • 2:00 - Time for the 3 "EE"s - Wii time, Tea Time and Free time.

  • 4:00 - We all leave to pick up Night Owl and do any quick errands that are necessary.

  • 4:30 - Homework time - usually only Social Butterfly has some work to catch up on. This is also a great time for Jetter to practice his reading. Night Owl usually likes to relax when he gets home from school. He saves his homework for after dinner.

  • The kids play and I finish up chores around the house and make dinner.

  • 6:30 - Dad's home - HOORAY!

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