Saturday, January 24, 2009


Just a few things to note:

  • Night Owl will be returning from Washington DC today. I'm anxious to talk to him about the trip. He's probably anxious to get some sleep!

  • We have a new nickname for little guy - "Beany". I almost took a picture of him last night after he ate his black bean soup for dinner. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He managed to eat most of it too, despite the fact that he looked as though he just bathed in it! If I ever need a quick snack for this little guy, I just open a can of beans and he is quite happy.

  • I'm still working on that post about Jetter's day. I've actually decided to combine it and give you a glimpse of everybody's day. I'm going to take it subject by subject instead of person by person.

  • I had my consultation with my consultant from Mother of Divine Grace yesterday. This is a quarterly consultation. I fill her in on what we're doing for school, where we are in the syllabus, what struggles we are having, etc. She gives me advice and encouragement. I'm happy to say we're doing great. I love the support I receive from her and it's so reassuring to know we are on the right track and the kid's are getting "all the right stuff" in their education. I guess it's normal for a homeschool mom to worry sometimes. I really shouldn't stress so much about it though. Night Owl was so well prepared for highschool. I need to remember that.

  • Dad is on his "tax season / end of year" schedule which means he is working Saturdays. It's no fun but it's become a part of life.

I guess that's all for now. Have a great weekend!

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