Friday, January 9, 2009

About Those Pictures

I just quickly wanted to explain why the pictures in the sidebar are mostly ornaments! First of all, I was playing with my new camera but I couldn't get the kids to sit still long enough to get some good pictures of them. So, I took the pictures of the ornaments they received this year. Every year Wes and I get the kids each a new ornament. We try to find something to suit their personality or to represent something they've been doing. Night Owl received the football. We were actually looking for something more serious, but that's what we found. Social Butterfly received the piano since she has been doing such a great job and taking her piano lessons very seriously. Jetter's ornament is the snowman that also happens to be a bell. He had made several snowmen in the yard this year and has worked so hard at making them perfect. Maybe he will be a sculptor some day! Builder received the cup of hot coco with the marshmallows exploding out of it. It seemed to look like lots of energy and excitement which reminds me of him! Little Guy received the nut cracker. It's not really representative of his personality but just something more traditional. So there you have it!

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