Thursday, June 25, 2009


Summer has officially arrived here. As you can see from yesterday's thermometer reading, it was HOT! The forcast said 93 degrees, but our thermometer read 105! I think our thermometer must be off a little. Never the less, it was too warm for comfort.

The kids found a way to beat the heat though! Their good friends came over and they all found something cool to do. The big boys went on a 3 hour kayak adventure. I have no pictures of that but it was apparently quite fun. Night Owl is very adept at keeping his kayak afloat, but it would be just my luck that the time he had the camera with him would be the time he flipped!
The younger kids all ran through the sprinkler!

Social Butterfly was a bit timid at first ... but eventually jumped right in.Afterwards they all came in and the girls made "No Bake Cookies". I'm glad they are gluten free and work with rice milk. "No Bakes" are a summertime tradition around here!
The boys played on the Wii, of course... But after a few games and a few cookies, they were back outside in the sprinkler!

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