Friday, June 19, 2009

Planning Time

It's probably a good thing that I lost my camera. My computer time lately has been taken up with planning for next year. I usually try to figure out what curriculum I will need before the annual Homeschool Conference. My husband goes with me and this is when I make most of the purchases for next year. It's a great day for me - listening to the talks usually gives me the boost I need to"keep on keeping on". My husband is so good about going with me, even though I think it is more draining to him than "boosting". It's a day when we can talk about the kids education though, and he likes to be informed. This year's conference is tomorrow so I've been working hard to get everything done.
Besides researching curriculum choices I've also been reading several books as I plan. One of them has been particularly helpful - Discover Your Child's Learning Style, by Mariaemma Willis. For one thing, it's helped me to see why the methods I used to teach Night Owl don't work for Social Butterfly, Jetter, or Builder. My kids all have different learning styles and guess what? None of them have mine!
I'll be posting plans as I have time and sharing some of the information I have found from this book.
I did find my camera by the way. Just yesterday a friend let me know she had it. I guess God knew if I had my camera I would have spent all my time taking cute pictures of the kids and blogging about them instead of getting my planning done.

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