Monday, December 22, 2008

A Productive Day

The first official day of Christmas vacation is off and running. Almost all the kids are involved with projects which is how I like it!
Social Butterfly is busy baking her dad's favorite "thumbprint cookies". These will be her Christmas gift to him. It's become a tradition. Social Butterfly has done a great job making most of the gifts she is giving this year.
Jetter is outside doing a science experiment. He is seeing how the frigid temperature affects bubbles. If only the dog would quit trying to catch them, he could see that they last alot longer in the cold. Jetter will go shopping with me and Dad tonight to get the Christmas gift he will give to his sibling. He also is making a couple of special gifts, but I'm not sure he'll be done by Christmas.
Builder is destroying, or I guess I should say constructing something out of a large television box that he found in the basement. He's asking for a saw so he can add windows. I think I'll have to lend a hand with that one.
The Little Guy is busy eating. This is a productive thing for him. He needs to eat so he can get bigger. I've found a gluten free bread that he actually likes, as long as I toast it and spread it with lots of butter. It's made from brown rice. We've tried several varieties of gluten free bread and this is the only kind he, or any of us, will actually eat.
Night Owl is, well, he's the one that's not being very productive. He's still sleeping. But really, the way he's growing, I can see why. I can't keep him in clothes that fit. I told him I was going to sew lace onto the bottom of his jeans, just like Mom Mom threatened when Dad was a boy.

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