Friday, December 5, 2008

Nick Names

Why are we using nicknames for our blog? Well, at one time I read that it is important not to use real names in a blog, just for your own security. Since I hope to start adding pictures soon I decided the nicknames would be a good idea. I realize this blog is only read by those who are invited, so the security issue is minimal, but the kids thought it would be a fun idea anyway!
Our oldest son didn't really care what we used for his nickname so I came up with "Night Owl". This is the kid that just starts his homework at 10:00. It's exasperating to Dad and I but he's managing to get good grades. Thankfully, homework usually doesn't take too long. He's always been that way though. When he doesn't have homework he reads until late at night.
"Social Butterfly" was my suggestion for our only daughter and she decided that would be a good nickname. This is the child that doesn't know a stranger. We laugh because when she has a lemonade stand in the summer cars literally line up down the street! She knows the neighbors better than we do. We're not sure where she gets it, but we're glad to have such a wonderful ambassador for our famiy.
"Jetter" is the name the 3rd child came up with. It fits! This child rarely walks anywhere. He climbs, somersaults, or "jets" to his destination. The problem I'm having lately is keeping the "jet" fueled. This child doesn't stop eating!
"Builder" is the name the 4th child chose and it fits well. He's quite creative and will use anything to build whatever is on his mind. He also happens to be the one that makes the most messes in the house. I try not to get too rattled about it, but we are currently working on building better habits regarding cleaning up our messes!
"Little Guy" is a name we need to change. We're not sure what nickname to give him yet though. There's "Happy" because of his constant good nature, but I think it sounds too much like one of the Seven Dwarfs. We'll have to wait and see what we come up with. Either way, he's certainly a blessing!

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