Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Snow!

Night Owl was thrilled to wake up yesterday and learn that he didn't have school because of all the snow. He'll be just as happy today (when he wakes up!). The main roads are clear, but the busses can't get down a lot of the back roads so they cancelled again. Of course, this will give the rest of the kids another day off since that was our deal - if Night Owl has a snow day, the Academy of the Good Shepherd does too.
I don't mind, it's giving me time to get going on my Christmas baking and candy making. (The turtles promise to be extra yummy this year thanks to the wonderful gift of fresh pecans sent from South Carolina by my sister-in-law!)
This Saturday Dad and I will go Christmas shopping. We're going to do it all in one shot. It could be interesting!

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