Thursday, May 10, 2012

So, When Do You Blog?

I have a question for those with blogs who read my blog... When do you find time to blog?  Erin was so kind to comment here that I don't blog enough.  I wish I could find the time to do more blogging.  I have all sorts of ideas in my head that I would like to share.  The trouble is, I think of something to blog about and look over at my computer.  But on the way, my gaze passes "Mount Laundry-more", "the Valley of the Sink of Dirty Dishes", the angry looking daughter who is waiting for her math help, and my nose is telling me there is a 1 year old with a dirty diaper that needs changing - NOW.
So, dear readers, when exactly do you find time to write the wonderful blog posts I read? 


Neen said...

I find the blance I need in blogging. It is my outlet. It lets me brag and complain. I make the time but it is often late or very early. I have found that I need to for my contact with the outside world. I also pray while I blog. I really pray for peace if I am complaining or for a vision of Him in the chaos. It works for and maybe not for you.

Erin said...

I have a couple of 'slots', have even written them on the study door (along with the children's computer times). I have one slot between dawn (whenever I rise) and 7am. The other slot is around 2pm-3pm, I strive to be disciplined about this. Blog posts I write can take days to write, a paragraph here and there. But as Neen shared this is my creative outlet, the only one (although photography is becoming one) but I do try to be disciplined about it.

Angel said...

I write over breakfast sometimes or in the afternoons when the little ones are napping and some of the others are having quiet time. I'm available for my big kids then, but they don't usually need me intensively. My preference would be to get up early enough that I make it up before all the kids and could write in the peace and quiet, but that so rarely happens! Still, it's a goal (or an ideal).

I try to make blogging a break in my day. So it's when I sit down with my coffee or a cup of tea. Sometimes I struggle with using all my online time reading blogs instead of writing, though, and then I find it helps to have a list of topics or priorities for my online time.