Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sounds of Summer

Around the end of March, everyone, including Mom, starts wishing summer would arrive soon.  We all think of sleeping in late and enjoying quiet peaceful mornings.  I, personally, think of sitting quietly in the extended hours of stillness (because the kids are sleeping in) sipping my coffee and watching the river slowly move along.

However, this morning there was no quiet ripple of the river, no bird songs out the open window.  Instead, I could hear myself yelling, as I banged on the bathroom door, "Social Butterfly, get OUT of the shower!" ,  and as I made my way down the hall, "Night Owl, get UP and get into the shower!" , and then "Everyone, get in here and eat your breakfast, right NOW!", and finally "Someone buckle Beany into his car seat - HURRY!  We're going to be late!" 

So much for quiet peaceful mornings.  It seems like everyone is running in different directions this summer and I'm the only taxi driver on duty!

Wont it be nice when school starts up again and we all have a chance to just calm down and get back to a routine?!


Gayle said...

OK, so I don't see any official post but just that miniscule little thing at the top about how big your baby is!!!! I think we need to get excited about this!

Happy Camper! said...

that is a great post on school!