Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finishing the Year, Highschool Version

Just like the school year has come to an end here at the Academy of the Good Shepherd,  it is coming to an end at Night Owl's school as well.  He couldn't be happier!   Some of the grand finale's for his year were:
His last track meet ~
He ran the "400" and the "4x4" which is a relay.  He was also in the competition for discus throwing and came in 4th place.  Lot's of 4's that day!

The fence that the throwers have to stay behind is really not so great for taking pictures, but after seeing a couple of wild throws, I'm glad it's there!

 It was a very warm day!  The little boys tried to keep  cool with the little fans that came with their candy:

I'm not sure how well they actually worked though.

~Then there was the Science Fair.  Remember when he grew this?  Ewww!

If you didn't see that post, this is E-Coli Bacteria.  He grew it in petri dishes and tested various cleansers to see which ones were most effective in killing it.  I thought it was a wonderful idea for an experiment until I learned he actually had to grow the bacteria!  He found out that some cleansers work only on direct contact, and some have more of a "spread".  His actual experiment was to compare the spread or "Measure of Inhibition" which it is technically called.  We learned alot about bacteria and what kills it.  I am very happy to have it out of the house!

~Then, there was this that came in the mail.  I can say without hesitation that I am a proud Mama!  This is a congratulatory letter for being accepted into the National Honor Society.  You can try clicking on it to make it bigger:

~Finally, yesterday was the awards ceremony where he received the awards for good grades.  My pictures all turned out blurry for that so I'm sorry to say I don't have any to share.

He's not completely done.  He still has a few days of final exams next week.  But it's slowly coming to an end.  I'm so glad.  It's time to start packing for a camping trip.  We're all looking forward to that!  (Uh, the trip I mean.  Not the packing!)

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