Saturday, June 19, 2010

Camping Pictures

We're back from a great camping trip.   I say "great" because of the time we spent as a family, enjoying each other's company and just relaxing together which we never seem to have much time to do otherwise.  It was not so great weather-wise, but we made due.  Actually, some of the best times we had came as a result of the bad weather!
I didn't get pictures of everything and I'm disappointed about that.  There were blue lipped kids who insisted on playing at the beach and swimming even though the temperature never got above 60 degrees.  There was the nature hikes we took and the beautiful wild flowers we saw.  Then there was the rousing game of Cranium which came as a result of down-pours of rain and the need to stay in the tent with 5 kids for a long period of time!  We actually drove to a little town near the state park to buy a new game just for this purpose!  However, despite the cold and the rain we still had lots of fun. 

There was plenty of fishing for Night Owl

Kayaking for everyone,

Both on, and off the water!

Trees that begged to be climbed, over and over again!

Play dough in the tent when it was too muddy to play outside:

Lots of time to just enjoy each other's company,

or just relax.

And of course there were chores to be done, which seem  a little less like chores when you're camping.

As with all camping trips the highlight seemed to be the time spent around the evening camp fire. 

We had a different treat each night.  There were s'mores, of course.  I have no pictures of that night because I was too busy doling out marshmallows and chocolate!  We also made carmel corn in the dutch oven on the fire.  That was a new experience!  We all enjoyed the process of making it, and of course eating it!

We also made little pies with the pie irons.  Night Owl and Dad were in charge of the cooking part.  These irons get hot!  But the raspberry pie filling was delicious!

So despite the rain and cool weather we all had a great time - even the dog!

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Gayle said...

Welcome home! Looks like a great time...