Sunday, October 11, 2009

Builder's Last Game

As usual, this weekend was filled with football games.  Night Owl did an excellent job at his game and the "red team" won again.  Jetter's game was 1 1/2 hours away (again!) and they did a great job too.  Builder played his last flag football game of the season so this post is devoted mostly to him.   
    For those who wonder, flag football is played very much like regular football but there is no tackling.  Instead, the kids wear flags around their waist, and when a person from the opposing team takes their flag, they are considered "tackled".  The other difference for flag players is that the coach is usually the quarter back.  This is because most  5-7 year olds can't throw the ball accurately enough for the game to move ahead.  Here's a  picture of Builder in which you can see his flags, and one with the coach playing quarter back.


As in all football games, the players on the line are blocking their opponents, but, they are not aloud to tackle.  Most of the players get moved around alot, so they have a turn to play the different positions.  The other thing that makes flag different, is that every player is played the entire game.  For this reason, they try to put the same amount of kids on each team.
    Builder played a great game, especially after the half time pep tak with big brother!

Beany made a friend and had a great time at the game too!  This is the facial expression he makes when you say "smile!".

One of Builder's favorite "parts of the game" is at the end when you get to give everyone on the opposing team a "high five" and say "good game"!   

And of course, he's very proud of his trophy that he received from the coach!  All in all, it was a great first season of flag football for Builder!

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