Saturday, September 19, 2009

Will this be the week?

The week that we finally settle in to our routine? I hope so! It seems that things have been in upheaval since we started school.

First, there was the work on the front porch. This doesn't seem like that much of a distraction but let me tell you - demolition, noisy power tools and workmen here most of the day do not mix with school when it comes to little boys! We called most of that day an "in house" field trip and talked about safety for the workmen, their tools and how they used them, simple machines, what it means to do a good job and not just do something half way to get it done, etc. So, it was educational, but I didn't get to check off any of those little boxes on my lesson plan sheet.

Then there was Catholic Mosaic. We had a great time, but it was difficult to have a regular school day with the preparations I needed to make. (And I thought I was organized!) We learned about St. Peter Claver, did a craft and played with friends. The kids had a great time and I would say, once again, the whole thing was very educational but ... I still didn't get to check off many of those boxes!

Friday was the first day back to piano lessons. Once we settle in, this will be a time to get some work done (and check off some boxes!). However, yesterday, being the first day, I wasn't prepared for Beany's reaction to this whole idea of waiting in the car while everyone quietly worked on Math and one child at a time went in for piano lessons. He and Builder were not as patient with this whole thing as I had hoped, so the child who was not taking the piano lesson was quite distracted by these little ones and didn't get their work done. Once again, boxes left unchecked.

BUT, this week will be different! Sure there are the usual football practices and piano lessons, but those are accounted for in our schedule. But there is nothing else on our schedule that should put a kink in our routine. Now I'm praying desperately that no one gets sick!

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