Friday, September 11, 2009


The schedule looked perfect on paper.

I thought the time I allotted for everything was sufficient. I assumed the kids would all embrace the "getting back to school" and I was looking forward to this first week.

Wellllll, I forgot to account for the extra time it would take to get everybody ready and get to football practices on time. I forgot to account for the extra driving time necessary to take Night Owl to the various functions he needed to be at like JV games and team dinners. I forgot the fact that the contractor was going to start work on our front porch this week, and waiting for him to come, as well as the distraction of the demolition that was going to mess up our schedule. I forgot that Jetter's personality causes him to resist anything with structure, like a schedule, even though he needs it more than anyone. I forgot that Social Butterfly would be watching the clock, reminding me when we were a few minutes late to move on to the next thing and driving me absolutely crazy. I forgot that Beany, now a two year old, would be resistant about taking his naps when I wanted him to, and that the toys I so neatly layed out for him to play with would probably not interest him as much as big sisters markers. And, I forgot that every year it begins this way!

So, I'm tweaking the schedule a bit, adding more time for driving here and there, taking advantage of the "fog delay" this morning to get a head start on next week's plans, and thinking of a better plan for Beany.

Despite all the above, we did manage to get started with the year though. We didn't get to every subject every day, but we did work on our routines and cracked the binding on most of our new books. So, it's a start. As usual, I'm praying for grace this year. I love homeschooling my children, but I know I can only do it with God's help.

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Erin said...

I've just found your blog, and love it:) (actually I followed a link from my blog back to yours, its always a shock to realise people actually read what I write!)

I SO get what you mean about Jetter, my Carpenter is the same. My dd16, has comments to make about my tweaking, she says by week 2 I'm always tweaking, by week 4 I practically change the whole plan. Too true.