Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer's End

While the weather is telling us we're in the midst of summer, last night's football sign-ups are a big reminder that we are soon to start school.  We're starting early this year (Aug. 9th or 16th) to ensure plenty of time in December for a break when this baby is born.  Here are a few pictures from our last big summer event - swimming lessons!
Jetter in his way-cool goggles!

Beany made a good friend.  These two played together each day while their older siblings took swimming lessons.

Social Butterfly and a good friend. Gotta love that goggle look!

Social Buttefly with her instructor.
Diving instruction.  Do you see Jetter (just behind the handrail)?  He's obviously ready to give it a try before the instruction is complete.  Doesn't surprise me in the least! :)

As for Builder, he is constant motion in the water.  It made it very difficult to get a clear picture.  Thank heavens he had a very patient instructor.  Heres a video instead of a still shot - since "still" isn't his nature! (Just click the arrow.)


Gayle said...

You are so organized! Looks like wonderful fun, it's exciting to be planning for time off for a birth!! When is the due date?

Anonymous said...

December 16th, which happens to be our 22nd anniversary!!