Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Visit From Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Mom Mom and Pop Pop came for a visit last week and we had a very nice time.  One of the places we went while they were here is a zoo in a city not far from our home.  It was a beautiful day, although a bit warm.  Here are the pictures, mostly taken by Night Owl ...
                            (Dad, with Mom Mom and Pop Pop)

(The boys, watching a tide pool as "waves" roll in)

(Night Owl holds Beany up to see the penguins being fed)

(Otters are my favorite!)

(This fellow seemed less than enthused)

(Pop Pop)

(Dad and Mom Mom - I'm not sure what they are looking at)

(Builder and Social Butterfly, learning about lion skulls)

(An air conditioned spot to take a rest!)

The trip to the zoo was a perfect ending to an enjoyable visit from Mom Mom and Pop Pop.  They are headed west now, and in our prayers and they make the long journey to the other side of the U.S.!

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