Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictures from Spring Break

I don't have much time to blog but I wanted to at least post some pictures from our trip to Willimsburg VA, and Southport NC where we visited with family.  It was a great trip!  (You can click on the picture if you want to make them bigger.)
First stop: The Governor's Mansion at Williamsburg.  The kids are waiting for our tour to start:

Builder was impressed with the many swords and guns that hung on the

Outside the Mansion:

Inside the Printers Shop.  This was one of many shops that we visited.  We learned quite a bit.  Some of the favorites were the Dress Maker, the Blacksmith, The Gunsmith, and of course, the gift shop!

Lunch at Shield's Tavern was fun, but we really enjoyed our dinner at the King's Arm's Tavern.  There, we were visited by a School Master, the wife of the proprietor of the establishment, and even a musician.  Here is a picture from Shield's Tavern:

On to North Carolina.  We really enjoyed the ocean, even the first few days when we had to wear jackets!
Of course, the only days I remembered the camera were the cold ones!

Beany really enjoyed watching the many flocks of seagulls that flew over head.  Here he is on his new friend:

We loved our loooong deck that took us right out to the beach!  Jetter and Beany are waiting at the end:

Mom Mom and Social Butterfly:

Pop Pop serving the wonderful dinner that he, Mom Mom and Aunt "Dinky" brought:

Night Owl caught 7 sharks while he was fishing. Here, he is cutting up the last of one that he prepared for dinner:

Mom Mom, Aunt "Dinky" and Dad.  (Dad's the one scowling!):

Another picture but Dad doesn't look quite so grumpy:
Pop Pop played "sword fighting" with Builder and Beany:

Unfortunately,  the kids passed around a flu-bug during our last couple of days of vacation:

Despite the sickness though, we really enjoyed our visit.  We're looking forward to our next trip!

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