Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can I Count This as School?

My kids are all running here and there this morning.  Social Butterfly was working very hard on "a secret" yesterday.  This morning she got up early and showed me all the little clues she had written so her brother's could have a treasure hunt.  There were about 50 clues!  She hid them before the boys were awake, and now they are searching for the mysterious treasure.  Any time I try to rope them in so we can start our day I hear "Oh please!  Just a few more minutes?  We need to find these clues!"  They are so excited!  I hate to tell them, but at the end of this grand hunt there is a ziplock bag of  leftover cookies for their treasure... the cookies nobody wanted yesterday.  Ah well, I guess they are reading and Beany is having the time of his life with all this excitement!

There isn't any snow or fog for a 1 hour school delay, so I guess we'll call this a "Treasure Delay". 

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Gayle said...

I love it....make it one you treasure too!