Tuesday, March 16, 2010

.............. .Planning

Sorry for the quiet.  We're in planning mode here!  It seems that all my time on the computer is taken up with planning for various events.  Here's my current list.  (You can see why I'm a bit frazzled lately!)

Social Butterfly's Birthday - March 17th

Dad's Birthday - March 29th

Vacation to North Carolina - Spring Break

Jetter's Confirmation - April 14th

Jetter's First Communion - April 24th

School for next year.  (Yes, already making plans!)

Add to the above the need to plan on a weekly basis for our school work, menus, shopping lists, etc.

This is a busy time but you know, I really love the planning!  Everything looks so nice all layed out on paper.  The hard part is when things don't go as planned, which happens often around here.  I think God is trying to remind me that He is ultimately in charge!  So I'll make these plans making sure we have the right clothing for each event, the right food packed or prepared, the right gifts purchased, the right curriculum for each child and their individual needs ...  But God will decide how things go.  I just trust and know that His plan is the best!

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