Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Mary and Joseph stopped for a night in the wreath.     For these last few days of their journey, they will travel across the mantel, finally to arrive at the stable where the animals are quietly waiting.

Their journey was so different than ours.  Our "journey of Advent" is much more hustle and bustle, hurry and scurry.  It is a stressful time for me, rather than a time of peace.  I have my checklist,  my wishlists, my schedules ...
It's not all bad.  Actually, some of this hurry and scurry is quite fun for me.  I love shopping for my children!  It brings joy to my heart to know how excited they will be on Christmas morning.  I love the baking and chocolate making; the gifts we will give to others.  I love the lesson that this teaches the children; that we need to look outside of what we want and bring joy to others.

So, each year, I attempt to get everything done in time to have some quiet.  Some time of peace before the great feast of Christmas.  My list is almost completely checked:

The tree is decorated~

 The stockings are hung~

The gifts are wrapped and hiding in various places around the house~

 The menu written and groceries purchased~

The candy is made and delivered to friends~

The snow has fallen~

and now we wait ...
Well, at least we'll wait after I get the laundry done, Christmas clothes ironed, goose defrosted, kitchen floor mopped,  house cleaned, I need to get to the grocery for that decaf coffee and ice cream I forgot ...

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