Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Wow, is it here already?!  Have I got alot to do! 

Everyone is looking forward to a visit from Grandparents for Thanksgiving.  We  really appreciate the fact that they're the ones who are willing to travel "over the river and through the woods"!  Social Butterfly and I have been busy looking in cookbooks and making out our menu.  Looking in cookbooks is kind of silly though.  I know where the recipes are; in my head, or on the back of that old envelope in the file box, or on the napkin placed in  between the pages of my favorite cookbook.  Social Butterfly will say something like "Here's a great recipe for sweet potatoes, Mom!" and my response is "No, we'll be using Mom Mom's recipe".  Or, "Can we try this recipe for cranberry sauce mom?"  "No, we'll be using Grandma's recipe for that." 
I know we could try some new things, but to me Thanksgiving is all about tradition.  I guess that's why I still roast the turkey instead of frying it, and why I know my Aunt Virginia's recipe for stuffing by heart.  I might vary the vegetables, but the basics are still the same. 
This year, I'm looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving dinner because I will have two helpers!  Night Owl and Social Butterfly have become quite the chefs and I have nothing but confidence in their ability to help with the traditional Thanksgiving fare we will be serving.  So, what's on the menu?

~Turkey!  (Really?)

~ Stuffing (Aunt Virginia's wonderful recipe, minus the oysters.  Sorry, mom, I just can't do it.)

~ Mashed potatoes (This is my recipe, made with cream cheese, because, well, everything is better with cream cheese, right?)

~ Sweet potatoe casserole (This is my mother-in-law's deliciously fattening recipe!)

~ Cranberry salad (This one is mom's recipe.  Social Butterfly will be making it this year.)

~ Yeast rolls (This is another one of Mom Mom's recipes.  Night Owl, the resident bread baker and meat roaster, will be making the rolls.)

~Broccoli Salad (This is requested by my husband this year.  I've made it before but I will have to find a recipe.  Social Butterfly would like to make this as well so she's our salad chef this year.)

~ Vegetable.  (It's a toss up between corn and greenbeans.  I have 2 votes for each and Beany likes both.  Whatever we decide I'll probably avoid the mushroom soup though!  We have to have something that is relatively healthy!)

~ Pie!  (Grandma's bringing the pies and everyone is waiting in anticipation!)

~ Wine and sparkling grape juice. (The kids love sparkling grape juice for holiday feasts.  I serve it in pretty  glasses and they feel grown up.  Since we usually don't drink anything but water, the sparkling grape juice is one of the high-lights!)

I think that just about covers it.  I'll start preparations a day or two before Thanksgiving.  Having 3 cooks will help, but it also makes the kitchen a bit "busy".  Dividing things over a couple of days should keep things from getting stressful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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