Friday, August 14, 2009

Football Season

Football season has officially arrived around here. Night Owl returned from football camp safe and sound, Jetter is signed up for Rocket football, Builder is signed up for Rocket Flag Football, and Dad watched his first Steelers game last night. "Already?" I asked. "Already?! It's been six long months of no football!" came the reply. (I wish I had the little smiley "eye-roll" icon here.)
I do have to admit though, nearly 20 years of watching the Steelers during football season has kind of grown on me. I don't mind watching them, in fact sometimes I enjoy it.

The guys I really enjoy watching are my own sons though. I look forward to their games. There will be a "first" for all 3 of them this year. Night Owl will be playing on the varsity team for the first time. Jetter will have his first year in "contact football" and is quite excited about wearing all the pads, and Builder will have his first year at flag football which is sort of an introduction to the whole football thing.

Here at home, we have our own football camp going. The coach is of course Night Owl and the youngest member of the team is Beany. It's a riot. Even our neighbor likes to come out to the fence and watch the antics of these boys when they're practicing. Night Owl just has fun with it and his brothers love him for it. I'm proud of him for taking the time to do this with the boys. He's really growing up.

Here's some pictures:
First the pep talk. Notice the dog intently watching, waiting to steal the ball and run.

Then come the warm up exercises and a few laps around the yard.

Working on the "3-point stance":

Finally, the tackle drills! This is the favorite part!

These boys are such a blessing to one another. They might not always appreciate what they have, but I sure do.

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