Sunday, August 16, 2009

Am Appetitlichsten! Delicieux! Delisiozo!

A Meal From Switzerland!

Dad and I felt like we ate dinner at a restaurant in Switzerland last night! Night Owl and Social Butterfly worked together to make a most delicious dinner. We started with a cheese fondue, made with 3 different Swiss cheeses and white wine. Night Owl actually made a Swedish bread that we used for dipping. I was very impressed with the bread! It came out beautifully. The cheese fondue which chef Social Butterfly worked on was no easy feat either. Keeping it warm enough to melt all the cheese but not so warm that it scorched was difficult.

The main course consisted of chicken roulades made by Night Owl, an incredibly delicious potato dish made by Social Butterfly, and fried apples also made by Night Owl, with Social Butterfly helping. Wow! Dad's going to take the leftovers to work tomorrow to make his co-workers jealous. It was one of the best meals I 've ever eaten.

As if that wasn't enough we had an incredibly rich chocolate fondue with strawberries, pound cake and marshmallows for dipping. I'm sure I gained 10 pounds.
Night Owl was not too thrilled about getting his picture taken!

During all this cooking we were wondering about the language spoken in Switzerland. Dad already knew but he let us figure it out. This neat site shows that there are actually 3 main languages spoken there, French, German and Italian.

This morning I did another search to find out how to say "delicious" in each of the languages:

am appetitlichsten is "delicious" in German,

delicieux - is the French term for "delicious",

and delisiozo is "delicious" in Italian

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