Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Weekend

This past weekend included a whirl-wind trip to Dayton for my God-son's graduation Open House. It was a wonderful visit with family. Every time we are in Dayton my only regret is that the kids don't know their cousins very well. They still have a great time though!

Before we left I spent most of the day Saturday wrapping up the school year. The kids took End Of The Year Assessments which are required by Mother of Divine Grace - our "umbrella school" as I call it. They did not do standardized tests this year as I have them do that every other year. I had to average grades and get report cards written up - all sent to Mother of Divine Grace. I was very busy, but determined to get it done before heading to Dayton. The effort ahead of time made our trip much more relaxing. Since we've been home we are finishing up some end-of-the-year busy work, but nothing that important. It's been a very good school year and I'm proud of all the kids, including Joel, who made the transition into highschool without much trama! We'll celebrate the last day with a trip to see "Night At The Museum II". I've heard it is an excellent movie.

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