Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Last Friday, I mean the Friday before last (I'm so behind!), we had a great day at the Garden Center about 30 miles away. The kids had been working very hard on their school work and the weather was just gorgeous so I decided it was time for an impromptu field trip. Here are some pictures of the kids. You can see that the Center's newly revised maps were a big hit. Beany also enjoyed the flowers. Surprisingly, while he had to touch them all, he didn't try to pick any! A day like this one is one of the many "perks" of homeschooling. It's not that children in school can't go on fieldtrips (there was a bus load of children there the same day we were) but I was able to actually relax and enjoy myself instead of worrying about 20 + kids. My own children have been here several times, but it's never boring. They notice the changes of each season, when the gardeners are changing the beds, and they know NOT to climb the trees or wade in the streams. I can just walk along, take in the beauty of both the gardens and my children who are taking in the same, and take lots of pictures!

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Chari said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Love the homeschooling perks! :) Love garden centers! :)