Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

We had a fantastic time at Colonial Williamsburg this year!  We've been there several times but this is the first year we were there for the Homeschool Days.
The Ferry over to Williamsburg is always a big hit!

Benedict Arnold came riding into town to try to convince us all that we were following the wrong leaders!  We needed to go back to being loyal to England!  This was one of several educational
re-enactments we saw.

P.J. loved his new fold up wagon.  So did the rest of us!

The stocks, of course.

 Just one of the many exhibits we saw - the Powder Magazine. 
The kids did a great job asking questions and listening to all of the presenters.  Some of the favorites were the Wig Maker, the Taylor, the Silversmith and the Brick Maker.

On their way back from the Brick Maker.  Builder was in a hurry for lunch, which we enjoyed at the King's Arms Tavern.  Excellent food and excellent atmosphere.  I highly recommend it if you go there!

The kids all went on the "Children's Orientation Walk".  This is Andrew, the leader, who did a great job explaining what some of the aspects of life were like around the time of the Revolutionary War.

This is not an exhibit from Williamsburg but the cottage we stayed in!  We normally stay at a state park where we camp.  However, this year we decided to try the cabins at the same state park which were from the early 1800's. This is the boys bedroom in the upstairs of the cottage.  It was built in the early 1800's and preserved to be an exact replica except for the electricity and running water.

The cottage was surrounded by cotton fields on one side and peanut fields on the other.  This was a big deal to us northerners who don't often see cotton and peanuts growing!

This is a picture from the kitchen. The stove is obviously electric and designed to look old, but the cabinets, walls and flooring (and maybe the kitchen table) were original to the house.  It was a great place to stay while visiting Williamsburg.  We felt very much immersed in the time period.
Do these stairs look dangerous?  They were!  Carrying a toddler down these steps was not an easy task.  And, since he constantly wanted to play on these steps I had to carry him down way too often.  Next time, we'll remember the baby gate!

These last pictures were taken in the Master Bedroom.  All the rooms had fire places. 
 Social Butterfly's bed (her room was also upstairs) had a trundle where Beany slept. The one bathroom in the house was built in what we think was a pantry of some sort.  It had all the electricity and running water of a modern bathroom but was designed to look old.  I didn't get a picture of the free standing, claw footed tub but wish I did. 
  It was a very memorable experience!

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