Friday, February 4, 2011


Frozen - That's how I feel here at this blog!  I guess I match the weather...

By the way, my husband did not agree with my last post.  Maybe because it's his job to clear the driveway. 

One of my kids all time favorite things is to run next to the snow blower and have the snow fall on them.  I don't get it, but they sure have a good time doing it! 

Anyway, back to being frozen here at the blog.  I have quite a few things I would like to write about - mostly homeschool related - but for some reason I can't get myself to just sit down and write them!  For example, what exactly was I doing from All Saints Day until PJ was born?  That was a big gap of nothingness at the blog, but it was filled with lots of exciting things in real life.  Night Owl can't believe I didn't even post anything about the football team going to the state finals and then winning the championship! 

One of the most time consuming things I did was to completely revamp my system for planning for the kid's learning activities.  After a panic set in regarding how I was going to do everything when the new baby arrived as well as just get through the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and then Christmas, I went in search of a better, more streamlined way of doing things.  I'll be writing about it soon - it's working well.  It practically runs itself which is what I needed. 

On a not so positive note, Beany, who had been doing so well on a gluten free diet, started to lose weight.  This was due to the mistake I made.  About 6 months ago he had some gluten and it didn't seem to have any negative effects.  We slowly added in more and more until we were back to eating a "regular" diet.  I had assumed that he grew out of his gluten sensitivity.  Not so!  The symptoms just took a while to show and when they did ... they really did!  Poor kid.  When we realized he had lost nearly 5 pounds we new what the problem was.   We are back to a strict gluten free diet for him and he's already starting to gain weight.  I would like to write a post to share some of the new resources and recipes I've discovered.

There are also big plans in the works for a summer vacation!  Planning a trip out west has us all excited for summer to arrive!  I'll be posting about that as it gets closer.

Then, of course, there will be the planning posts for next year!  Can you believe I've already started looking at curriculum?!  School room changes will be included as well.

So, not much has been posted lately, but I have alot of posts tucked away in my brain.  I just need to get them organized!  Maybe if we get a February thaw, my brain will thaw a bit as  well.  From the looks of things lately though, that might be a while in coming!

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Erin said...

Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts:) Lots of great topics:)