Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PJ's Baptism

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day.  My brother and his wife, PJ's godparents, came up with their kids, and my mom and her husband came as well.  It was nice to see them all and my kids really enjoyed re-connecting with their cousins! 
The baptism itself was beautiful and I was proud that my children behaved at Mass!  I have these fears of one of them diving into the baptismal pool (I apologize that I don't know the official name for it) but other than a close call with Beany, nothing of the sort happened!
After the baptism family and friends all came to the house to help us celebrate.  It was a joyful event!

 PJ with his godmother after the "de-robing"!  He looks a bit stricken by the whole event!

PJ with his godparents.

The cousins got to bring up the gifts!

The kids all behaved well ... mostly!

We are so blessed with little PJ!

Grandpa, and Grandma with grandchild #19!


Erin said...

Oh it is called a baptismal font (but if it is an actual pool, I'm not sure either)

Gayle said...

Also called a baptistry. It was a super party!