Thursday, October 7, 2010

Builder's Birthday

We were blessed with a beautiful day for Builder's birthday celebration.

It started with a trip to Builder's favorite "hiking place".  Hiking is something all of us enjoy so when Builder requested that on his birthday everyone was quite happy to oblige.

While Builder enjoys hiking, there is more to this place that he finds interesting. It is a rather short trail, I think just a little over a mile, which makes it perfect for Beany at this age. But all along the trail, at different stopping points, there are little forts or playhouses set up. These were donated by various companies in the community. The kids really enjoy coming upon them and exploring them before we move on to the next.

The "Look Out Tower" is another big hit. The kids enjoy climbing the many steps to the top so they can see the whole area from above.

Then there is the "grand finale". The last stop on the trail includes what looks like a mess! It is actually a "Build Your Own Fort" area. Builder loves this! All the kids enjoy it really, but Builder is always the last to want to leave. Even Dad enjoyed the break to check his favorite team's score!

After the hike we moved on to the second thing Builder requested for his birthday: a Happy Meal! I usually let the kids choose what they would like for their birthday dinner. The older kids always seem to want to go to the expensive steakhouse or to have some elaborate meal that takes half the day to prepare. I admit, while Happy Meals aren't my idea of a healthy dinner, I was relieved that his request was so simple!

Then it was home for birthday cake and icecream and presents! It was a great day.
Note: You may have noticed someone else in a couple of these pictures!  I do not have a daughter that is older than Social Butterfly.  Night Owl's "friend" joined us for the day! 

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Mrs. Mandy said...

Congrats on the baby! This is such a neat hiking place, where is it located? We have not done much of our nature walks like last year and I really miss them.