Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Creative Daughter

As the days get warmer and the school subjects gradually get completed my kids are finding more time for free activities.  For the boys, this isn't always a positive thing.  Yesterday, their free time was mostly taken up with the task of moving the wood pile.  This was not a voluntary activity, but one given to them by Dad because of something else they chose to do during their free time.  Anyway, I'm sure they wont make that choice again!  They were quite proud of their moved wood pile though.  I'm a firm believer that boys need physical labor at times.
Social Butterfly, on the other hand, has been using her free time quite creatively.  First, and of primary importance, is the yearly lemonade stand she sets up.  She's already got the neighbors asking when it will be open!  She amazes me.  Definitely and entrepreneur.  The name of her stand is "The Pink Lemon".  She sells a variety of beverages, including pink lemonade and even a sugar free version because we have a neighbor who is diabetic.  She's learned to use the money she makes to buy the lemonade ingredients and even occasionally offers "sweet deals" like a free cookie for every cup of lemonade on Saturdays.  This year she's going to "hire" her little brothers to hang signs for advertising purposes.  She's working on the signs now and I'll post a picture when they are complete - cute!
She's also been going through my bags for Good Will and pulling out various purses I have decided to get rid of.  Some of these are quite old and ugly and some were hers that she no longer uses.  Her task has been to "re-do" these to make them beautiful again.  She's mostly using fake gem stones for this purpose and they are turning out pretty cute.  Here's some pictures of my creative daughter and her crafts:


Gayle said...
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Gayle said...

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The Academy of the Good Shepherd said...

That's okay Gayle! I deleted it after I told her!