Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

I still have pictures on my camera from the last big snow.  I could just post them, since, well, snow is snow right?  This morning I'm not so sure though.  The snow that falls in December is different from the snow in February.  Or maybe it's just my attitude about it! 

In December the flakes were big.  They fell softly to the ground.  There was a quiet peace about it.  The snow that started yesterday was a bit more "angry".  Not the large gentle flakes that land on your mittens and invite careful observation with a magnifying glass.  Yesterday and last night, the snowflakes that fell from the sky came at a sideways angle and they were very tiny.  It almost looked like mist as it fell. 

It was the type of snow that made me worry about going to pick up Night Owl from school and how Dad would fair driving home from work.  This morning, the tree branches are heavy with it, just like they are in December, but it's also a "sticky snow" that covers the sides of the trees (revealing the angle from which it fell).  The wind blows still and the "mist of snow" falls from the roof tops.  Unlike December snow, it's the type of snow that doesn't invite us to come out and play.  It's more of a "lets hunker down and have a reading day inside" snow day. 

That's my plan anyway.  We'll read from our current history selection,  Madeline Takes Command, do some crafts in preparation for tomorrow's feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, make hot co-co, and play some board games.  Sounds like a great snow day to me!   Maybe I'll have time to get that school room cleaned up!  This time of year it really needs a good cleaning.  Snow days are perfect for that sort of thing!
Of course, it looks like my kids disagree!

Happy Snow Day!

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