Friday, March 20, 2009


We have been dealing with sickness around here for 3 weeks. Dad started the whole thing, then it went through the 3 younger boys, and finally me. Night Owl and Social Butterfly haven't had it... I hope and pray they don't! It's some sort of flu I guess. It comes with a fever, an aweful headache, general aches and pains and head cold symptoms. The killer is that it lasts about two weeks. I have been totally worthless for about 2 weeks now. Even as the other symptoms subside, the general tiredness is hard to deal with. No energy at all. So much for getting all my spring cleaning done before we go on vacation.
Speaking of vacation, we are living for it! We'll be heading to North Carolina this Friday. We will have the bonus of seeing Dad's Aunt Nettie and Uncle Bill since we will stay at their house on the way down. The kids are very excited and so am I! Normally for a trip like this I would have started packing already, but this flu has kept me from doing even that. I'm feeling a little better today so my goal is to go through the kid's clothes and see what we can take and what I will need to buy. Night Owl informs me he has grown out of all his shorts and he only has 2 pairs of jeans that fit. (Sigh. I can't keep that kid in clothes.) I have found that the really great thing about taking a vacation in the spring is that I am forced to get the spring/summer wardrobes up to date. I need to work on my own too ... I was hoping to lose about 20 lbs first but I don't think that's going to happen by next week!

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